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Job Seeker Resources

U.S. Government:

State Job and Career Services: 

Local Government:
There are over 70 cities, towns or other local governments in the Kansas City Metropolitan Area. Many have web sites with job postings. Look for links to human resources, employment, jobs and careers to learn about employment opportunities in local government.  

College and University Career Services for Current Students and Alumni:

Linked In - www.linkedin.com
Linked In is a professional networking site you can use to build an on-line network of work, school, and personal friends with a personal profile showing your education and experience along with recommendations by members of your network. You can use it for job searches. You may find and join groups of people sharing your professional and educational experience. Basic membership is free, upgrades can be purchased giving you access to additional information about members.

Craig’s List - kansascity.craigslist.org
Jobs are posted by individuals and companies. Most are real but be careful when responding to ads. Deceptive and fraudulent listings do appear so do not give personal information such as credit card or social security numbers when responding. Be cautious if you are requested to meet in person to apply. Use Google or another search engine to research a person or company first. Drive by the location before your appointment. A prospective employer will never meet with you at a vacant lot or house. Remember, if it doesn’t seem right to you, it probably isn’t.

Job Clubs
Meet and network with others looking for jobs by providing mutual support and sharing information about employment and contacts. There will usually be a coordinator who will help you. A typical situation might be a job seeker who knows about an available position that he or she is not applying for and shares that with the members of the club. Johnson County Community College discontinued its Job Club in early 2014. Use your search engine to find other Kansas City metro job clubs.

Job Search Engines:

Use these web sites to look for jobs by type of job, geographic location and other criteria. You may find search results can be almost identical no matter which one you use. Some will have postings by employers, others simply search the internet for jobs matching your search criteria.

Many search engines let you create a profile to simplify your search. Be cautious about sharing personal information such as your phone number and address. Never provide your social security number and credit card information unless you know the web site is absolutely secure and legitimate.


Career Planning Web Sites for Persons with Disabilities from Johnson County Community College:

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